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  Be part of a trend!

In the past, Americans used lard extensively. Up until the beginning of World War II, it was a common commodity for frying and baked goods. From the chart below, created with data collected by the USDA from almost 100 years, you can see the nadir of lard use was in the mid-1990s. Lard use is slowly on the rise. It's trendy to put lard back in your larder.

Visit Lard Lovers, my new social networking site, to stay connected and learn about lard sources in your area and beyond!! See below.


One contact had to say this about "real" lard: "I can say I have never known what good lard was. It is incredible! Wow! It puts shortening to shame!"

To learn more, visit Lard Lovers, www.lardlovers.com, a sister site to Mother Linda's.