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Mother Linda’s Update

July 2007

What Tang is Really Good For--and It's Not Drinking

TangI know you all are going to get a kick out of this. I think you are probably among those who would never put Tang in your mouth, but did you know it's great for cleaning your dishwasher? The citric acid in Tang will remove all the junk built up inside the machine and after a few days, it will run just like new.
I know this because after only a few months, my new dishwasher was delivering spotted and not-so-clean dishes. A repairman told me to try adding a couple of tablespoons of Tang to each cycle. It works like a charm.
Hey, if the word gets around, sales could skyrocket.


At River Cottage 
A Visit to River Cottage
I have been remiss in not introducing you to the work and writings of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (now that's a mouthful). He is a whole-hog kind of guy who recommends using all parts of an animal, eating in season and organically, and whenever possible, locally. He writes and talks about food integrity. A television personality in the UK who is famous for his River Cottage series, he balances out fame with farming.
Hugh has a property on the Dorset/Devon border called--you guessed it--River Cottage. I was very excited to have dinner there with a Bulgarian friend and my son Brendan in June. From the parking lot we rode on a tractor-drawn trailer down the property toward the river.
Rescue chickenOrganic wine and exotic appetizers were served in a yurt, which gave us time to circulate and take pictures. Dinner was served in a restored barn (originally built in 1610), retrofitted with a professional kitchen on one end, a trendy restaurant in the middle and a butcher's shop/store on the other end. The yogurt sold there truly made me think of moving to England!! And then there was a drink called Stinger, made from nettles. 
After drinks and pix, sixty guests from all over the UK (and us from the US!) sat down to an evening of inspired organic cuisine and wine. The main dish was prepared from "second-life chickens" or "rescue chickens"--chickens that had been rescued from confinement and let loose in an apple orchard for a few weeks to reach their full potential before becoming our dinner. I rank the meal in the top five of my life.
Cruise over to www.rivercottage.net to read more about his work.
I have also added some of Hugh's books to my bookstore. I have recommended my favorite ones. Cruise over to Cookbooks by Category. I have added Hugh's to the top of the page. 
Sun Bathing


New Articles I've Posted

I've written and posted a couple of new articles on my Web site recently. You can read them by clicking on the following links:
Now That's an Orange Egg Yolk!
At River CottageWhen visiting River Cottage, we stayed at a great B&B nearby. A traditional English breakfast the next morning included eggs from the owner's chickens.
The egg yolk was a marvelous deep orange--evidence of lots of Vitamin A. Wish I could have brought a dozen home to make some awesome crème brûlée.